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Bel-Air Collection
Bel-Air Collection
#B33100: Bel-Air Collection

Available Finishes

Premium Quality Solid Brass Bel-Air Collection

Item# Item Name Add
B33102-005 Bel-Air 18" Towel Bar Antique Brass
B33102-014 Bel-Air 18" Towel Bar Bright Nickel
B33102-10B Bel-Air 18" Towel Bar Oil-Rubbed Bronze
B33102-003 Bel-Air 18" Towel Bar Polished Brass
B33102-026 Bel-Air 18" Towel Bar Polished Chrome
B33102-015 Bel-Air 18" Towel Bar Satin Nickel
B33104-005 Bel-Air 24" Towel Bar Antique Brass
B33104-014 Bel-Air 24" Towel Bar Bright Nickel
B33104-10B Bel-Air 24" Towel Bar Oil-Rubbed Bronze
B33104-003 Bel-Air 24" Towel Bar Polished Brass
B33104-026 Bel-Air 24" Towel Bar Polished Chrome
B33104-015 Bel-Air 24" Towel Bar Satin Nickel
B33106-005 Bel-Air 30" Towel Bar Antique Brass
B33106-014 Bel-Air 30" Towel Bar Bright Nickel
B33106-10B Bel-Air 30" Towel Bar Oil-Rubbed Bronze
B33106-003 Bel-Air 30" Towel Bar Polished Brass
B33106-026 Bel-Air 30" Towel Bar Polished Chrome
B33106-015 Bel-Air 30" Towel Bar Satin Nickel
B33122-005 Bel-Air Paper Holder Antique Brass
B33122-014 Bel-Air Paper Holder Bright Nickel
B33122-10B Bel-Air Paper Holder Oil-Rubbed Bronze
B33122-003 Bel-Air Paper Holder Polished Brass
B33122-026 Bel-Air Paper Holder Polished Chrome
B33122-015 Bel-Air Paper Holder Satin Nickel
B33130-005 Bel-Air Single Hook Antique Brass
B33130-014 Bel-Air Single Hook Bright Nickel
B33130-10B Bel-Air Single Hook Oil-Rubbed Bronze
B33130-003 Bel-Air Single Hook Polished Brass
B33130-026 Bel-Air Single Hook Polished Chrome
B33130-015 Bel-Air Single Hook Satin Nickel
B33118-005 Bel-Air Towel Ring Antique Brass
B33118-014 Bel-Air Towel Ring Bright Nickel
B33118-10B Bel-Air Towel Ring Oil-Rubbed Bronze
B33118-003 Bel-Air Towel Ring Polished Brass
B33118-026 Bel-Air Towel Ring Polished Chrome
B33118-015 Bel-Air Towel Ring Satin Nickel
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